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Essential Stability. Desired Flexibility.

Protection Today from the Unknown Tomorrow.

The increasing costs of healthcare and the rising rates of healthcare utilization continue to be a challenge for employer groups.

of Self-Funded Employer Groups Will Have a Stop Loss Claim Occur This Year.
of Self-Funded Employer Groups Will Have a $1M+ Stop Loss Claim.

Self-funded employer groups need protection from high-cost claims, and stop loss captives provide opportunity for self-funded plans to pool risk and reduce costs.

While traditional stop loss captives provide access to solutions and resources, many employers find themselves confined by captives, and the lack of choice forces and confines employers to use all services of the captive even if they don’t need nor desire them. Don’t be held captive.

Welcome to a New Kind of Captive

At Blackwell Captive Solutions, we believe there is a need for a different type of medical stop loss captive:

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Members gain access to cutting-edge solutions that guarantee results.


Two distinct treaty dates - January 1 and July 1.

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Amplifies the benefits derived from self-funding alone.

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Domiciled in South Carolina.


Experience Rates Refunds (ERRs) determined and approved annually.


Achieves an appropriate balance between risk assumption and risk transfer.

All of Blackwell’s solutions will be available on an opt-in basis, meaning captive members need only partake in solutions that work for them and their members.


Blackwell Captive Solutions delivers essential stability with desired flexibility with cutting-edge solutions that combine buying power with tailoring freedom for members. It is through our partnerships with industry leaders that Blackwell clients can access the best-in-class cost containment and clinical services programs.

The Blackwell Difference.

Blackwell Captive Solutions was founded on the premise that self-funded health plans could benefit from banding together to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Reduce the expense of medical stop loss insurance

  2. Gain access to a curated set of best-in-class cost containment and clinical support solutions to promote member health and protect plans’ assets

  3. Share clinical, operational and financial best practices among similarly minded self-funded plans


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