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Blackwell Captive Solutions differentiates with a unique, opt-in approach to our solutions. Unlike other captives, Blackwell clients have the choice to only partake in solutions that work for them. Because of our innovative participating partners, Blackwell clients have access to industry-leading solutions designed to deliver substantial savings and improve member health.

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Contain Dialysis Costs and Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease

With Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), it’s not a question of if a health plan will be impacted, but when. With Renalogic’s Suite of solutions, Blackwell clients can protect members and plan assets by identifying and getting ahead of chronic kidney disease.

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Innovative Healthcare Cost Containment Solutions

Through our partnership with OccuNet, Blackwell clients have access to industry-unique product and service configurations to achieve seamless, optimal outcomes resulting in fair reimbursements for payers, patients, and medical providers.

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A Transformative Pharmacy Benefit Management Solution

Blackwell clients have access to Liviniti's pharmacy benefit management solutions to lower Rx spending and experience sizable savings! Liviniti tailors its programs specific to each Blackwell clients’ unique needs.

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Upland Advocacy

Working to Reduce Medical Bills for Employees

Together, Blackwell and Upland Advocacy are able to provide an extra layer of financial support to your employees, enabling them to get the care they need.

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Solutions for Organ Transplant

QBE provides Blackwell clients with fully-insured first dollar coverage to protect against potentially catastrophic organ transplant expenses.

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Suplemental Health Insurance for the Unexpected

Brella provides Blackwell clients with innovative, comprehensive supplemental insurance. Through our partnership, we work to ease the burden of sudden, unexpected medical bills and bring renewed peace of mind to both employers and their teams.

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The Industry-Leading Food-As-Medicine Program

Season Heath supports Blackwell clients by setting up and managing turn-key food benefits programs at scale that address food insecurity and chronic disease management.

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