Blackwell Captive Solutions Announces Captive Planning Associates as its Captive Insurance Manager

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Chicago, IL (July 14, 2023) – Blackwell Captive Solutions, an innovative medical stop loss captive domiciled in South Carolina and sponsored by Carrick Capital Partners, today announced that it has named Captive Planning Associates, LLC, as its captive manager to further enhance Blackwell’s services within the captive insurance and alternative risk markets.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Captive Planning Associates (“CPA”),” said Kari L. Niblack, President of Blackwell Captive Solutions. “Employer medical stop loss is a financial risk product at its core, and CPA has a demonstrated, successful track record of value creation and truly understands the comprehensive alternative risk ecosystem.  This relationship will solidify Blackwell as a leader in the market for years to come.”

“We are grateful for the opportunity to develop and manage custom designed medical stop loss programs with Blackwell Captive Solutions,” said John Capasso, Chief Executive Officer of CPA. “Our years of experience in the employee benefit market, we believe, will greatly enhance Blackwell’s ability to implement unique captive structures for their clients.”

About Blackwell

Headquartered in Chicago, Blackwell Captive Solutions is a medical stop loss captive that differentiates by delivering essential stability with desired flexibility via access to cutting-edge health and well-being solutions for our clients.  We’ve proven that combining employers’ buying power with tailoring freedom maximizes the impact of self-insurance and reduces market volatility associated with the ultimate cost of healthcare benefit delivery to employees.

About Captive Planning Associates, LLC

Captive Planning Associates, LLC (CPA) is a boutique captive management firm specializing in providing innovative alternative risk solutions to closely-held family-owned businesses and large corporations to protect management, shareholders, and stakeholders from undue exposure to risk. Our firm is known for its holistic approach to the design, formation, and implementation of captive insurance companies.

About Blackwell

Blackwell Captive Solutions delivers essential stability with desired flexibility with cutting-edge solutions that combine buying power with tailoring freedom. Domiciled in South Carolina, Blackwell Captive Solutions forms partnerships with industry leaders to provide the best-in-class cost containment and clinical services platform. Blackwell’s services and solutions are uniquely available on an opt-in basis, so captive members need only partake in solutions that work for them and their members.

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