Blackwell Captive Solutions Partners with Synergy Healthcare

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Chicago, IL (January 19, 2024) – With nearly 60% of working Americans diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions, employers and members are paying more and are in desperate need of education coupled with advocacy that empowers utilization decisions. Blackwell Captive Solutions believes it’s crucial to partner with companies like Synergy Healthcare—a patient-focused, employer-based clinical care provider. Synergy’s focus is to protect plans from high-risk claims, putting those saved resources toward stronger preventative and long-term disease care.

Blackwell’s and Synergy’s partnership is founded on this same premise of reducing financial risk for employers while enhancing health outcomes for members. Now, through Blackwell, clients and their members have access to Synergy’s clinical programs, including personal health and disease support from prevention and early detection to ER outreach and post-op care.

Most notable, however, is the quality of Synergy’s programs. Across Synergy’s Nurse Advocate support, on-site care, wellness programs, and complex care coaching, their staff averages an impressive thirty years of nursing and eighteen years of case management experience. For employers, Synergy successfully and proactively contains costs through predictive risk stratification, outreach based on claims alerts, and coordination of third-party solutions.

“I’m confident that this partnership will enhance our clients’ healthcare. Synergy has an outstanding track record when it comes to leveraging risk management into better employee outcomes,” Kari L. Niblack, Esq., Blackwell President, said. “In today’s healthcare marketplace, high-value care is more important to members than ever, and Synergy delivers.”

“Blackwell’s commitment to ensuring improved health outcomes and member insurance experience is rare in a stop loss market typically focused on short term results. Blackwell’s long-term client vision is shown in their dedication to slowing the progression of disease and helping members with increasing critical care needs.” Matt McQuide, Synergy CEO.

About Blackwell Captive Solutions

Headquartered in Chicago, Blackwell Captive Solutions is a medical stop loss captive that differentiates by delivering essential stability with desired flexibility via access to cutting-edge health and well-being solutions for our clients. We’ve proven that combining employers’ buying power with tailoring freedom maximizes the impact of self-insurance and reduces market volatility associated with the ultimate cost of healthcare benefit delivery to employees.


About Synergy Healthcare

Headquartered in Charlotte NC, Synergy Healthcare provides comprehensive risk management solutions that integrate health risk awareness, health coaching, health care navigation, wellness administration and on-site health care. The coordination of these service components, meaningful claim data and Synergy’s unique dedicated provider model, allows Synergy’s team members to address the often-complex needs of each individual through an experience that is compassionate, trustworthy, and simple to access.

About Blackwell

Blackwell Captive Solutions delivers essential stability with desired flexibility with cutting-edge solutions that combine buying power with tailoring freedom. Domiciled in South Carolina, Blackwell Captive Solutions forms partnerships with industry leaders to provide the best-in-class cost containment and clinical services platform. Blackwell’s services and solutions are uniquely available on an opt-in basis, so captive members need only partake in solutions that work for them and their members.

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